Operations Support

Operations Support

    COSL Canada has expert technical support in all areas of discussion. COSL prides itself in our development ability, maintenance, preparation, testing and strong research to deliver the best possible output of our services.

    Integrated services

    The IES/turnkey drilling involves well site survey, drilling, cementing, mud logging, drilling fluids, electric logging, directional drilling, well completion, oil testing and logistic support etc. that cover the oilfield exploration, development and production areas. We are able to accomplish hi-tech integrated drilling and logging services for horizontal well and slim hole horizontal well.

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    Remote technical support

    COSL Canada has expert remote technical support. We can provide quick solutions and avoid future problems through our informed decisions to bring you the best possible service.

    We have a number of onsite interpretation engineers and experts engaged in reservoir performance analysis, production prediction, reservoir evaluation, integrated geological study and cement bond evaluation etc., as well as advanced data processing and interpretation software and hardware equipments.

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    Wireline Logging Services

    Services & Products

    Oil Tool Services

    Include on-site NDT service, drilling tools NDT, downhole tools disassembling and assembling; OCTG thread processing, BOP repair and installation, tubing cleaning and pressure test, oil tolls renting etc.

    Services & Products

    Tubing and Casing services

    30"~ 23/8" regular tubing and casing running service 133/8" ~ 95/8" 13Cr rubbing and casing running service HTHP, irregular size tubing and casing running service. High-angle surface casing running service. Special thread type tubing and casing running service.