Employee Program

    We placed high importance on employee involvement. Through establishing the labour unions, it can facilitate negotiation and communication with employees and protect their benefits and rights in making decision regarding our corporate development. We also ensured unobstructed appealing so that employees’ opinion and suggestion can reach management of COSL Canada and its divisions easily and efficiently.

    Protection of rights

    COSL Canada strictly adheres to relevant national laws and regulations of China and countries in which we operate, pursuant to which we enter into labour contracts with our staff so as to respect and protect their legal rights, personal information and privacy. We prohibit child labour and forced labour of any kind. We insist fair employment and prohibit employment discrimination of any kind.

    We’ve established a competitive remuneration system and utilized a standardized annual pension and supplementary medical insurance system to continuously enhance our insurance system with 100% coverage in basic social insurance. Our Company also offers health checks, paid leaves, assistance on difficulties and aids for severe sickness.

    Personal development

    COSL Canada adheres to a scientific talent selection mechanism, and develops a comprehensive set of appraisal and promotion standards and performance management measures. Through recruiting quality talents, introducing professional training, as well as recruiting and retaining professional technicians, we have established a high quality staff team.

    Care for Our Staff


    Promoting Employment

    With our ongoing development, the Group focused on recruitment from colleges as well as the society and recruited 1,129 employees of different roles in 2013. Not only did this create employment opportunities, but also attracted outstanding talents to our Company.


    Family Open Day

    In order to provide employee’s family members better understanding on our employee’s working and living environment, we arranged a “family open day” on the rigs at piers to let employees’ family members get on board to experience our employees’ marine lives, connecting our employee’s home and marine living.