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    As one of the main business units of COSL, WellTech has served worldwide customers with nearly 50 years’ experience in offshore and onshore oilfield technical services. Through continuous input in scientific research and development, COSL Canada, with its advanced technical equipment and excellent service team, offers an extensive range of well services.

    OH Wireline Logging

    COSL Canada offers a full range of wireline open hole logging tools and services, delivering formation evaluation that accurately characterizes your reservoir rocks and fluids. The more you understand your reservoir, the better positioned you are to manage its lifetime performance. Available services include the natural gamma and energy spectrum, spontaneous potential, resistivity, lithology density, neutron logging, acoustic and cross-dipole array sonic logging, formation pressure measurements & fluid sampling, gunpowder sidewall coring & rotary sidewall coring, acoustic imaging logging, resistivity imaging logging and NMR logging, etc.

    Cased Hole Service

    Cased hole services aim to help our customers obtain additional information from a well or reservoir that has been completed. COSL Canada provides a variety of production logging, perforation and engineering services, such as production & injection profile logging, oxygen activation logging, residual oil saturation logging, horizontal well production logging, open hole production logging, perforating optimization design, TCP, wireline perforation, composite perforation, directional perforation, free point indicator, junk basket, jet cutting, chemical cutting, tubing(casing)inspection, cement bond evaluation and gravel-pack logging, etc.

    Directional Drilling Service

    COSL Canada offers engineering designs and onsite construction services concerning such directional wells as intensive cluster wells, horizontal wells, extended reach wells, slim hole directional wells, multi-lateral and U-shaped horizontal connected wells, followed by individual services covering survey with single shot, multi shot and gyroscope, mud motors in various types, window cutting and sidetracking tools, etc.

    MWD/LWD Service

    With advanced Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD) tools, COSL Canada provides real-time measurements for directional well parameters: inclination/azimuth/tool face/downhole temperature; formation evaluation parameters: gamma/resistivity/density/neutron/sonic; downhole engineering parameters: drill string vibration and pressure while drilling, etc.

    Data Processing and Interpretation Service

    With our skilled onsite interpretation engineers and experts engaged in reservoir performance analysis, production prediction, reservoir evaluation, integrated geological study and cement bond evaluation etc., as well as advanced data processing and interpretation software and hardware equipment. COSL Canada offers data processing and interpretation services for open hole wireline logging & LWD data, cased hole data, borehole seismic data as well as customized services like logging sedimentary facies analysis, field analysis of formation sampling fluids etc. and data management & support.

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    Services & Products


    Enhanced Logging Imaging System II - consists of powerful computers (EMCU), data acquisition...

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    Services & Products

    Perforation Equipment

    High charge density perforating gun, Deep penetration perforating gun...

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    Skid & Power Pack Equipment

    Skid & Power Pack Equipment

    ž Production logging skid (including power section), Directional well...

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