Our History

Environmental Protection

    Promoting eco-friendly development is one of our primary responsibilities. COSL Canada adhered to the philosophy of “respect the nature and protect the environment” in performing our environmental responsibility.

    In addition to improving environmental management and making efforts on clean production, COSL Canada also commenced energy saving and emission reduction to contribute in protecting the environment and developing a eco-friendly culture, with the target of achieving common growth and development between our company and the environment.

    Environmental management system

    COSL Canada sees protection of marine resources and environment, prevention of pollution and protection of our employees’ health as its mission.

    Based on the international and state conventions, laws, regulations and rules on marine environmental protection which the Company strictly followed, it established a safety management system (SMS) for its vessels and quality, health, safety and environment (QHSE) system, which have obtained certifications from competent authorities and third parties, so as to introduce regulations on various marine environmental protection issues.

    Environmental protection training

    In 2013, we actively organized environmental trainings in relation to garbage sorting, usage of anti-pollution facilities and usage of oil leakage emergency equipment with the aim to further enhance the environmental protection awareness and skills of on-site employees.

    Clean production

    COSL Canada adhered to the sustainable development philosophy of “green, clean, low-carbon and circular economy” and implemented the concept of green and low carbon into every detail in production and operation.

    We successfully developed a kind of environmental friendly water-based drilling fluid “GREENDRILL” using natural materials and detoxified materials. Its environmental friendly nature not only reaches the significant technological metrics of the state, but also fulfilling the requirements of national standards. When in use, this new fluid saves up the waste treatment procedures as well as saves time and significantly reduce the general cost of well construction and increased the output and input ratio.

    Qualified discharge

    We have implemented stringent management on offshore discharge of pollutants in accordance to the requirements of the Marine Environmental Protection Law.

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    Focus Areas

    Services & Products

    Turning Wastes to Useful Materials

    After nearly 3 years of research, We developed a new PC- Litestone system for well completion which turns the incineration waste from coal power station, the “Flyash”, into useful materials

    Services & Products

    Protection of Marine Species

    Pursuant to act of marine animal protection in Australia, the rigs must stop operation with potential harm to marine species when rare protected animals such as sea tortoise, whales and dolphins were seen. Oil polluted water must be treated on-shore. NH6 was never complained for environmental protection issues in 7 years. For the diagram, whales tend to stay near us for the good and safe environment.

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