Health & Safety

    Upholding the guiding principle of “safety and prevention first, integrated management”, we actively construct safety management of the teams and groups and launch standardization activities for safe production and fully enhances the working standard to lay a solid foundation for safety management and to become an intrinsically safe enterprise.

    Safety management system

    We continued to pay attention to the safety management and strengthened the safety management system. The Company complied with ISO9001 (quality management standard), ISO14001 (environmental management standard), OHSAS18001 (occupation and health safety management standard) and ISMCODE (international vessel safety and anti-pollution rules) and followed the industry standards and practice both within and outside the country. We fully and effectively implemented the SMS/QHSE systems and continued to improve such systems.

    On-site safety management

    For on-site safety management, STOP (safety, training, observation and programme) cards are used to encourage the correct safety behavior of employees. Through job safety analysis (JSA), all staff are participating in risk management to exercise effective on-site control on the operating risk. Through collecting and analyzing safety suggestion report (SSR) from on-site personnel, the corresponding safety management system can be improved.

    Establishment of standardized safety production

    Leadership and execution groups for standardized safety production are established. Pursuant to the standard safety production regulations in oil industry, the groups completed targeted diagnosis, system amendment, operation, self-evaluation, application and acceptance.

    Hoisting safety warnings

    Safety warnings were hoisted upon occurrence of typical accidents and dangers in the industry, which showed prominent effectiveness.

    Potential hazards investigation and prevention

    By adopting the “risk management system in investigation and prevention of significant sources of dangers and potential hazards”, the Company obtained immediate control on significant sources of dangers and potential hazards.

    Care for Our Staff

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    Occupational Health

    We established a comprehensive management organization and a leading group for occupational health. We formulated the “Employees health record regulation”, “Occupational health regulation” and “COSL rules for the implementation of occupational health management”.

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    Safety Education and Training

    We actively organized the activity of “safety month” to promote safety via various means such as exhibition board, quiz and warning videos, with an aim to spread safety knowledge and culture.

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