Quality Standard

    We continued to improve quality control, established sound quality control system to ensure quality and safety work in the organizational and system aspect. The Company also developed innovative service practices to provide professional services for customers and enhanced product quality to provide diversified products in order to meet different customers demands to the largest extent.

    Quality management

    The Company adhered to the philosophy of “guarantee the quality for our reputation” and kept improving its quality control to provide high quality products and services for customers to meet their needs and enhance customers satisfaction.

    Strong organization for quality

    Each direct units established strong organizational network for respective quality controls and centralized the coordination and supervision of quality control on products and services.

    Improvement of quality control system

    The Company adjusted its quality control system by complementing with relevant procedures and operation to ensure its appropriateness, effectiveness and manipulability.

    Organizing QC group activities

    The Company actively pushed forward the establishment of quality control groups, formulated implementation measures of QC group activities, and continued in introducing such activities. At present, there are totally 35 completed or on-going activities.

    Quality services

    Provision of professional services

    The Company is the major supplier of offshore geophysical and surveying services, drilling services, well services and marine support and transportation services in China. Its business is also present in the offshore regions of Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the Middle East. It provides professional services of high quality to numerous oil companies around the globe and fulfills different needs of the clients.

    Improving communication with customers

    The Company strives to enhance its servicing ability to expand customers communication channel with a view to facilitate interaction with customers. The Company had multiple visits to local and overseas customers to enhance communications on early stage project bidding, discussion on business technology and current status of operation so as to better understand and fulfill customers’ needs. The Company also invited customers to visit the Company and organized large-scale customers communication activities to consolidate their mutual understanding and lay the foundation for broader and deeper cooperation in the future.

    Quality Certification

    Quality Certification

    ISO 9001

    Quality Management Standard

    Quality Certification

    ISO 14001

    Environmental Management Standard

    Quality Certification

    ISO 45001

    Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard