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    COSL is improving their technology all the time to provide the best possible results. COSL Canada values moving forward and advancement to achieve a technological advantage.

    Technology and development

    COSL has five research instates, they are Geophysics, Drilling, Well-tech, Oilfield chemical and Oil field optimization, the five research institutes mainly engaged in geophysical survey, well drilling, completion and logging, oil field stimulation equipment study and related technology research as its main work, at the same time get in touch with more than 30 entities such as universities and research institutes to work out the imaging well logging technology, oil and gas formation test instrument of the third generation model, seismic data collection system of high accuracy, high temperature and deep well fluid and well completion system, multi-hot- fluid viscous oil production, oil well acidizing and fracturing technology etc.

    A lot of core technologies have been applied successfully to the exploration and development of the oil and gas field and gradually form integrated technology research, product manufacture and technical support as one innovation system.

    Yanjiao science park, R&D Center, COSL

    An internationally-advanced scientific research an testing base for wireline logging, LWD, directional drilling and cased hole technology and equipment, with functions in instrumental methods, calibration, verification, temperature and pressure resistance, shock and vibration experiments as well as capability in real well experiments and real drilling tests.

    • Calibration & testing well groups: including gamma-ray, neutron and lithology density calibration well groups, borehole acoustics & resistivity imaging testing well group
    • Non-inductive heating experiments resistivity
    • Simulation well with anisotropic resistivity
    • Mud circulation test system
    • Real horizontal drilling test system
    • Vibro-benches and bounce tables for LWD equipment tests
    • High-tempetature and ultra-high pressure test equipment
    • Integrated experimental/real testing well: COSL-1 pilot well
    • Xinjiang real drilling test base


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    Provide our customers with a full range of conventional and high-end tools and equipments that have been certified.

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    Services & Products

    Oil Reservoir

    ELIS Magnet Resonance Tool(EMRT) mainly measures the hydrogen nuclei response from formation pore fluid.

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