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    COSL has been expanding its footholds all over the world due to its exemplary success in China. COSL has recently moved into Calgary and established COSL Canada Ltd. (COSL Canada) in July 2013, to provide services to Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin companies.

    19 July 2013

    COSL Canada was established in Calgary, Alberta.

    29 September 2008

    China Oilfield Services Limited completed the acquisition of Awilco Offshore ASA successfully

    28 October 2007

    China Oilfield Services Limited was successfully listed on Shanghai stock exchange.

    26 March 2004

    The stocks of China Oilfield Services Limited can be traded by means of levelⅠunlisted American Depositary Receipts "ADRs" at OTC over-the-counter market in the United States. The ticker symbol is CHOLY.

    20 November 2002

    China Oilfield Services Limited was successfully listed on mainboard of HongKong stock market.

    China Oilfield Services Limited was successfully listed on mainboard of HongKong stock market.

    26 September 2002

    Our Company Was Restructured into a Joint Stock Limited Liability Company

    With the approval of the PRC Government, COSL was officially chartered with State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

    29 December 2001

    CNOOC Incorporated Two Shipping Companies into One

    CNOOC combined two marine support and transportation subsidiaries, CHina Offshore Oil Southern Shipping Company and China Offshore Oil Northern Shipping Company, into one entity.

    25 December 2001

    CNOOC Incorporated CNOOCS as the Operating Company

    Prior to December 2001, CNOOC provided drilling, well and geophysical services primarily through five PRC wholly owned subsidiaries, namely, China Offshore Oil Southern Drilling Company, China Offshore Oil Northern Drilling Company, China Offshore Geophysical Company Limited, China Offshore Logging Company Limited and CNOOC Petrotech Services Company. On December 25, 2001, CNOOC incorporated these five companies as the operating company CNOOCS for the business operations that perform drilling, well and geophysical services.

    15 February 1982

    China National Offshore Oil Corporation CNOOC, PRC State-owned Enterprise Established

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