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Our Values

    COSL Canada is proud of its endeavors to deliver the best possible service to those we have a privilege to work with. Our corporate spirit allows us to outline all our ways to do better and progress. This connects with our view to do everything diligently and complete tasks with our full potential.

    Always do better

    Our corporate spirit “Always Do Better” embodies COSL staff’s self-initiated unrelenting pursuit of improvements and innovations. It means firstly recognition of our results and improvements achieved; secondly our openness to face our own shortcomings and inadequacies; thirdly the limitless room for improvement for today versus yesterday, for tomorrow versus today; fourthly our choice to improve facing stiff competition, or be otherwise eliminated.

    Do everything diligently

    Our performance guideline “Do Everything Diligently” embodies the diligent and attention-to-details attitude promulgated by COSL staff, encouraging each of the staff members to start from their own experience, from now and from every single task and review if they had not been adequately diligent yesterday, how to be more diligent today and the most diligent tomorrow as part of their ongoing pursuit of our “Always Do Better” corporate spirit.


    Our corporate core value “Win-Win” with Shareholders, Customers, Employees and Partners highlights COSL’s recognition and understanding of the importance of balancing interests of shareholders, customers, employees and partners in its pursuit of “Win-Win” results in every count. That is a framework in establishing adequate values to continue to exist. It illustrates our high standards of sense of responsibility and missions.

    Integrity, dedication, teamwork and self-discipline

    Assigning integrity, dedication, teamwork and self-discipline as essential elements of our staff code of conduct highlights our expectation of the quality of staff we employ. Integrity is the basic moral requirement we demand from our staff. Dedication is the basic attitude our staff in doing their work. Teamwork is the basic protocol we adopt in managing our tasks. It is particularly crucial within a matrix-style framework of management. Self-discipline is an attitude to impose self-restraint to regulate a staff member’s own actions. This is a metaphor of spiritual progress a staff member has reached.


    Our Values

    Our Values

    Our Values

    Our Values

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