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    To complement onshore services, COSL Canada offers offshore fleet services through our parent company. COSL operates and manages the most powerful, largest, and most diverse working and supporting fleet to offshore China platforms.

    Geophysical and surveying services

    Being a major provider of geophysical and surveying services in offshore China, as well as an important participant in the global geophysical and surveying market, COSL currently owns 7 seismic vessels, 2 undersea cable teams and 7 integrated marine surveying vessels.

    Offshore Seismic Acquisition Services

    Offshore Geo-Survey Services

    Seismic Data Processing & Interpretation

    Underwater engineering services

    Land-based engineering services

    Drilling services

    As the leading offshore drilling service provider in China and a member of IADC, COSL now operates and manages 36 drilling rigs (27 jack-up rigs and 9 semi-submersible rigs), 2 accommodation rigs, 4 modular rigs and 8 land rigs.

    Integrated Drilling Service

    Casing and Tubing Running Services

    Pipe Inspection & Repair Service

    Rig Management Service

    Marine services

    Owning and operating the largest and most comprehensive offshore utility fleet in China and currently has 69 utility vessels, 3 oil tankers and 4 chemical carriers.

    Marine Support Services

    Transportation Services - Oil Tankers

    Transportation Services - Chemical Tankers

    Drilling Services

    Services & Products

    Overseas Operations

    COSL Drilling has Over 10 years of experience in international market.

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    Services & Products

    Platform Rig Service

    We can provide one-station platform rig construction services.

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    Services & Products

    QHSE Policy & Commitment

    Safety First, with our Focus on Prevention.

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